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CityScenarios as MetaModels

The architectural firm PAUHOF draws up urbanistic studies, tackles architectural experiments, takes part in national and international competitions, modifies and designs exhibitions and builds architecture.
With the departure-funded project "CityScenarios as MetaModels" PAUHOF tries to establish an adequate functional framework for the web of relationships between city and society and between individual and culture, and a means of depicting the complex situations characteristic of cities. For this purpose architecture and urban development should start a mutually beneficial exchange with arts and sciences in order to develop a type of research specific to the city.
Urban planning should therefore be understood as devising scenarios and building models for the city as a whole. In this context it is essential to prepare the public for and involve the public in both future issues and solutions that are currently being worked out.
Another aim in the course of the research process is to find tools suitable for the subject of the city that will outlast the project. Diagrams, photomontages, collages and large-scale models are to illustrate what has been worked out in theory and make it accessible to the public. The result of the research/design work will be presented as a book. Plans for the next few years include lectures, seminars, exhibitions and subsequently commissioned works for municipalities. The aim of PAUHOF's work is to broaden the imagination and expand what is feasible today in urban planning.
Thus new urban realities could be generated.

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